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Using WordPress to build your mobile website

If you run a business with an online presence, having just one website is no longer enough. These days, you need to have both a desktop version and a mobile version (or just one version that works on both by being built on responsive design). If you are about to launch a website and you […]

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Local SEO ideas for insurance brokers

SEO is one form of marketing that insurance brokers have to take seriously in order to stand out in the competitive online environment. Many potential customers will head to the search engines when they start looking for insurance products, and you want to ensure that it is your website they find. If you are targeting […]

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Third Party Links – what are they?

One of the things we have noticed at lot of so far this year with new site audits, is sites that have included links to third party services. Now while this tends to be common in the insurance and finance space, the way they are being used is not helping you, the customer or the […]

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Getting your phone to ring using the web

If you provide telephone quotes for your insurance, getting the phone to ring is important. You may provide online quotes as well, but it is often a good idea to offer both because some people will always prefer to speak to someone when making a purchase. So how can you get your phone to ring […]

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