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Are you picking the online low hanging fruit and marketing your business?

Recent conversations with a number of potential clients has made me think about what they are trying to achieve and everyone right now seems so focused only on SEO and Google. They ask: Can you help me improve my Google rankings? Can you get me on page one for these five keywords? Can you guarantee […]

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Getting Media Coverage

Most brokers will think that the media is out of reach as maybe they feel too small or that they don’t have anything to offer a news story.  Or that they feel PR is the only way to attract attention so that would mean either learning how to write a press release and distributing it, […]

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5 Low Cost Things You Can Add To Your Website To Attract More Visitors

There are a number of low cost additions to any website that will help drive them more traffic and help you increase the revenue potential of the website. Here are 5 of the best… A Company Blog A blog is a great way to quickly and easily get your message out there or to respond […]

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Why should I run an Affiliate Programme?

There are many reasons why a company chooses to run affiliate marketing campaigns. Here are a few of my favourites: It is a Low Cost Option Affiliate Marketing is relatively low cost to start if you already have e-commerce store. Some Shopping Carts will already have affiliate programmes built in or as upgrades. This software […]

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