8 plugins to take your insurance WordPress site to the next level

If you are using WordPress as the platform for your insurance website, you may already know that there are thousands of plugins available to improve your site’s functionality.

Finding the really useful plugins amidst the huge selection available can be a challenge, so here are eight options for really useful WordPress plugins that you can use to add features to your insurance website and improve it.

1. Easy Social Share Buttons

Improving social activity is becoming increasingly important for online businesses, and Easy Social Share Buttons will help you to increase your social shares.

When you publish some engaging content in the form of a blog, video or webpage, you want as many people to share it as possible. This plugin provides a large number of social buttons that you can integrate in your website so people can easily share your content with their own networks.

It comes with a number of advanced options, so you can not only share but monitor your popularity on social networks. If you are serious about your social activity, this is a great plugin to use.

2. UserPro

UserPro is a user profile plugin for WordPress sites that allows you to build a community of members and present them in a searchable format.

You can create customised profiles for each user, and you can include unlimited fields. You can use it to create registration forms and allow photo uploads, verified accounts and more. It also comes with social integration.

3. Ninja Popups

Popups can be a useful way to convert visitors when they land on your website – as long as you get your process right and don’t simply annoy potential customers.

Ninja Popups is a simple way to incorporate popups into your WordPress site, which you could then use to increase subscriptions to your newsletter or tempt visitors with special offers. This plugin makes it easy to get started and create popups in no time at all.

4. Booking System PRO

If you want to create a booking system, Booking System PRO is a great option. This can be useful for any type of website where you require booking facilities, such as for meetings or appointments. You can use this plugin to provide users with quick access to calendars for availability, and they can then book time slots or dates directly through the website.

5. Social Locker

Social Locker provides a novel way to encourage your website visitors to share your content via their social networks. You can use this plugin to provide visitors with a small chunk of content, and then lock the remaining content until they agree to give it a Like or a Tweet.

If your content is good enough, your visitors will be more than happy to perform a simple action like this to get access to the rest of the content, and it can give your social performance a boost.

6. wpDataTables

If you need to create tables in WordPress, wpDataTables is one of the best plugins you can use. Using this plugin, you can create detailed and responsive tables right from the admin panel. Any type of input source can be used, and it comes with useful features such as advanced filtering for columns.

7. Testimonials Showcase

Displaying testimonials is one of the best ways to gain trust from potential customers, and the Testimonials Showcase plugin makes it easy.

You can use the plugin to quickly display testimonials, product reviews, quotes or case studies. It comes with a range of layouts and various customisation options as well as star ratings, providing you with everything you might need.

8. FSQM Pro

If you need a premium form builder, FSQM Pro is a great option. Using this plugin, you can collect feedback from your website visitors and customers in the form of surveys, and you can store user submissions.

You can create unlimited forms and custom themes, and the drag-and-drop form builder makes it easy to use.

Make the most of your website through plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress websites, and you can easily download them and start using them without any special skills.

These eight plugins could all prove to be useful for your insurance website. They will allow you to improve its capabilities immediately without having to ask your web developer for help. Try them out and see what you can achieve with your website.

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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