Collating and using customer feedback

Customer feedback can be incredibly useful for your business. You can use it to find out what you are doing right and wrong, and you can then use that information to make important changes to improve your business.

You can also use feedback as a form of marketing. Positive feedback will increase trust for future customers and could persuade more people to try your insurance services out for themselves.

So how should you be collecting and using feedback?

Collect feedback from your website

The best place to get feedback is on your website, and you can do this by making use of a custom form that is designed to appeal to your visitors.

There are various services that allow you to create such forms, including popular services like Gravity Forms. Using this, you can create advanced forms for WordPress sites with ease, and you could use these to ask your visitors questions about their experience, what they did not like, etc, in order to collect their opinions.

Because the forms are simple to create, you could add a new form that is specifically designed to get information on a new product or service, or a change to your website.

Forms could be something as simple as asking customers where they heard about you when they make a purchase, but they could also ask for much more information. The feedback you gain can then allow you to see where your marketing is working or not.

Ask for feedback in emails

An email list is one of the most important marketing tools for any business. When you build up a large list, you can communicate with customers, direct them to your website, provide special offers – and ask them for feedback.

Gravity Forms integrates with MailChimp and Aweber, which are two of the most popular email services. This means you can easily add a form to your emails to get direct feedback from people on your list.

You may ask for feedback after someone has made a purchase, as soon as they sign up to your list, after they have been receiving emails for a few months, or at any other time.

Encourage reviews

Customer reviews are increasingly expected by new customers who are in the process of deciding whether to purchase your products or services.

Reviews are a form of collecting feedback, and they help new customers to get genuine feedback from previous customers. You should therefore encourage your customers to leave reviews after they have made a purchase – but don’t try to influence what they say because fake reviews are easy to spot.

As long as most of your reviews are positive, they can provide new customers with the confidence to trust in your business. You can also use both positive and negative reviews to improve your service.

Use a specialist feedback service

Rather than just asking for feedback, you could use a specialist service like Feefo. This takes care of sending emails out to customers following a purchase and asking them for feedback. The reviews are then published on the Feefo website as well as your own website.

In addition, this service can display your feedback rating as stars in your AdWords ads. This can demonstrate to people who see your ads in the search engines that you are a business that can be trusted, which could encourage more clicks on your ads.

Take advantage of customer feedback

Collecting feedback can help you to build better relationships with your existing customers as well as increasing trust for new customers. Start incorporating the collection of feedback into your own businesses processes and you could soon start to take advantage of all the benefits this can have for your business.

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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