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Local marketing ideas for brokers

If you target customers in your local area for your insurance business, local marketing techniques are going to be important. You can target local people in many ways, but which are the most effective? Consider experimenting with a few of these. Local SEO and PPC Local SEO is one of the most important marketing methods […]

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Using Autoresponders in your Business

Autoresponders are one of the most misunderstood and misused applications online. Simply put, an autoresponder will automatically reply to a message that is received or will send out a message at a predetermined time and date. An autoresponder is normally an email address that has a set of rules behind it to respond with an […]

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Benefits of using WordPress for insurance brokers

When WordPress was launched back in 2003, it was used primarily as a blogging platform. However, it has now become popular for businesses, and it is widely used for commercial websites both large and small. If you are launching a new insurance website or refreshing your existing site, this platform could be the ideal option, […]

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Getting your phone to ring using the web

When you think of online marketing, you tend to focus on generating clicks to your website. The amount of traffic is a key factor in your success online, but the most important factor is conversions. If conversions for your insurance business means getting your targets to call you, you will not be worried about getting […]

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Using WordPress as the hub of your marketing activity

These days, everyone is on social media and businesses are constantly told to spend time on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles as well as whatever other sites they may want to use. There is nothing wrong with that, social activity is almost essential for many businesses these days. But don’t let it distract you […]

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