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Video Content Marketing: What It Is, Why You Need It, How You Know It’s Working

Your business needs to be doing video content marketing. This strategy is one of the most effective tactics you can use for earning new business leads and encouraging more sales. Businesses of all sizes can use video content marketing, too. You don’t have to have a huge budget or someone with the mind of Stanley […]

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Why You Need a Social Media Presence

Every business needs a social media presence, and most can benefit from actively trying to market and generate leads on the most popular social platforms. The fact of the matter is that social media has become the preferred form of media in our day and age. 67% of people say they get their news from […]

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Newsletters: Keep it conversational and add value

A newsletter is a cost-effective way to build relationships and stay in regular touch with customers and prospects. Here are three reasons why newsletters will work for you. They will also work for your competitors – so ignore this marketing channel at your peril. 1 Awareness Don’t take it for granted that people know everything […]

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Spring clean your marketing

Hopefully, spring has finally sprung and with that comes the tidy up in time for summer. While most of us have a spring clean at home, very few of us take the time to spring clean our marketing. Here are a few things you can do right now to get your site ready for summer. […]

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Brokers guide to getting a new website

Why do you need a new website? Maybe your current website is out of date, you can’t access it to amend it, or it is simply not fit for purpose, and you need to start again. Parts of a Website Before we start looking at a new website, let’s briefly discuss the different parts required […]

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