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WordPress plugins to boost your website effectiveness

If you are currently using WordPress to power your insurance website then here are a few ideas for plugins you might have not used or found.  With over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress, simply building a site and not taking advantage of the real power of WordPress, is almost criminal. If you are not using […]

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LinkedIn B2B Insurance Marketing

LinkedIn is more than an online CV, if you work in any line of B2B activities – you need to be all over LinkedIn like a bad rash! LinkedIn B2B insurance marketing provides companies with practically a limitless number of lead opportunities  – especially those with niche business insurance schemes. But where do you start? […]

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B2B marketing ideas for commercial insurance products

If you run an insurance business, marketing is often an essential activity. Different marketing techniques work for different businesses, but here are a few that you may want to consider trying for your commercial insurance products. Make better use of LinkedIn Social media in general is not often considered ideal for getting B2B marketing leads. […]

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Why and how local brokers should build an email list

Building up a list of people that have stopped by your website or have engaged with your marketing at some point in the past would be a great way to keep in touch with them. An opt-in email list is a great marketing asset to send monthly or even weekly emails to with interesting news, […]

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Email Marketing Ideas for Brokers

A lot of previous articles we’ve discussed looked at things like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Social media, blogging, affiliate marketing and lead generation … However, one of the things to really focus on is email marketing which has been around as long as the internet has – if not longer. But we still see clients […]

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