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Brokers guide to getting a new website

Why do you need a new website? Maybe your current website is out of date, you can’t access it to amend it, or it is simply not fit for purpose, and you need to start again. Parts of a Website Before we start looking at a new website, let’s briefly discuss the different parts required […]

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Have you planned and started implementing your 2018 marketing strategy?

I can’t believe there are hot cross buns in the shops already (yes we bought some), kindly telling us Easter is on the way… This should serve as a reminder that we are always looking forward to the next thing and the next thing could be a few months away.   As much as we complain […]

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Why social media is like going to the Gym

Social media marketing is a lot like fitness training. I am convinced that having the same kind of mindset when carrying out your social media activity as you do when going to the gym, will bring you success. Don’t believe me? Here are a few thoughts… “You seem to put in lots of effort initially […]

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Why doesn’t my ‘phone ring anymore?

For a lot of traditional insurance brokers, time seems to have stood still and the reliance on the phone has seen customer retention and new customer acquisition rates drop like a rock. In the good old days, (not that long ago either) people would ring you for a quote. They would find you in the […]

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Email Marketing Ideas for Brokers

A lot of previous articles we’ve discussed looked at things like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Social media, blogging, affiliate marketing and lead generation … However, one of the things to really focus on is email marketing which has been around as long as the internet has – if not longer. But we still see clients […]

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