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Why doesn’t my ‘phone ring anymore?

For a lot of traditional insurance brokers, time seems to have stood still and the reliance on the phone has seen customer retention and new customer acquisition rates drop like a rock. In the good old days, (not that long ago either) people would ring you for a quote. They would find you in the […]

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Email Marketing Ideas for Brokers

A lot of previous articles we’ve discussed looked at things like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, Social media, blogging, affiliate marketing and lead generation … However, one of the things to really focus on is email marketing which has been around as long as the internet has – if not longer. But we still see clients […]

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Social Media Goals

One thing that I’ve just discovered in a meeting today, is that a lot of the time people don’t actually think about what they want from social media. So they may think social media is about engagement, it’s about brand building, or it’s simply a case of something that’s done because everyone suggested that they […]

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Social listening

One part of social media marketing people overlook or don’t see the value in is actually listening and not posting… By listening to people on social media you can: Find new clients; Find new JV Partners; Find out what issues your competitors are having; Use it to preempt potential customer service issues. So how do […]

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Using images online

In the last few days I have had to tell a couple of clients about royalty free images and how they can’t simply use any image they find to promote their business.  It prompted me to think about writing this article to help you stay on the right side of image copyright. Using images to promote […]

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