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If you are currently using WordPress to power your insurance website then here are a few ideas for plugins you might have not used or found.  With over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress, simply building a site and not taking advantage of the real power of WordPress, is almost criminal. If you are not using WordPress to power your site, these might be good reasons to revisit your site.  Especially if you are considering a site rebuild. WordPress Rocks!

Pricing Tables

One thing non technical people have always found difficult in WordPress is to build tables to display data.   Well no more.  Using this plugin you can easily create tables to show product data or different tiers or price points.


WordPress Tooltips

When users mouse over given keywords or links, you can popup tooltips to help the user with content or advice.  Using a plugin means you can set the tooltips by keyword so each time the keyword appears on the site, the same tooltip will appear automatically.  There is a paid for advanced version too.


Business Directory

You can use WordPress to build a directory of useful resources or links – may be to build a useful resource on your own site to attract links and traffic, for example.


WordPress Leads

There are a number of plugins to build and manage web forms in order to capture client or enquiry information, store it in a database and email you with the enquiry. WordPress leads provide detailed analytics about what an enquirer does before reaching your enquiry forms. This helps you provide a much better customer journey.


WordPress Calls to Action

A plugin which will help you create those all important calls to action. A site without a call to action is near on useless.  This plugin will help build calls to action and comes with n A/B split tester so you can test effectiveness and improve your site’s ability to convert.


Thrive Leads

You will see some sites that are more aggressive in trying to get visitors to sign up to a newsletter or download a free report.  This plugin will put that message front and centre using a popup message box, it also builds widget areas so you can use in content pages, above and below posts as well as in the siderbar.  It works with all the major email signup providers such as Aweber, Mailchimp.


WordPress Share to Unlock

Further on from above, there is a way to create a number of likes and sharing of your content and that is by asking your visitors to share or like it before all of it is revealed. This is a great way to attract a number of likes especially to the more detailed and useful content. The free plugin works by having a user share your link with Facebook in order for them to see the full report or guide. The paid for plugin works with Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + too.

Free Version


Pro Version


Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most comprehensive form builders on the WordPress platform.  Multiple part, multi page forms, using conditional logic, email, auto personalised notifications back to the client via email.  All of these things can be easily setup using this plugin.  It is not a free plugin but with the functionality of this plugin it is to get the same level of functions from a developer at the same price.



As you can see there are a number of useful plugins to help insurance businesses attract new business, maximise the effectiveness of their marketing and all of this can be done at a very reasonable cost.  We have also published a complete guide to the WordPress plugins an insurance website should have installed. You can read that here:


About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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