Social media management software – much more than auto-posting

With the growing need to focus on social media, and the increasing number of networks available to have a presence on, it is becoming more important than ever to carefully manage your activity to save time and improve efficiency.

That’s why you should consider using social media management software.

If you have a profile on more than one social network, your insurance business could benefit from using such software – which involves much more than auto-posting.

What can social media management software do for you?

You can use social media management software to time your tweets and social updates, and this can be a useful way to set up your activity for the week ahead all in one go. Then you can focus on working for the rest of the time, and let your social activity go onto auto.

This can save you time, help you to plan better and avoid the risk of forgetting to post because something else comes up – but there is a lot more to social management tools.

Use stats to improve your activity

You need stats to find out what you are doing right and wrong with your social media activity. Many software applications include stats, although some are more detailed than others.

By using details statistics, you can find out which content is generating the most interest and then post similar content to improve your engagement levels.

You can find out what time your tweets get read most, whether your paying customers come from Facebook, Twitter or another site, who your biggest fans are and lots more.

Basically, you need to know what is working so you can optimise your marketing efforts.

Monitor your brand

Some software comes with advanced monitoring tools so you can find out what people are saying about your brand across the social web and work on your reputation management. Are they leaving positive or negative comments? Find out, and then you can react to them quickly.

If you find positive comments, you can say thank you and work on your relationship building. If you find negative comments, you can try to sort out the situation. But you need to know what people are saying as soon as the comments appear; otherwise you won’t be able to react appropriately.

Manage everything in one place

The best thing about social media management tools is that you can monitor everything from one single place. This means you can compare your activity across social media sites, access graphs and charts, and allow other people in your company to get access to the data from the same place rather than having numerous people all tracking different things.

Give your social activity a boost

Management software is not just a way to cut the boring tasks like posting, although that is one useful feature you can take advantage of. It allows you to improve your social media activity and maximise your social potential – which as a result can improve your SEO, direct more targets to your website and help you to grow your business.

Social is essential, but if you really want to go about it in the right way and get more from your social activity, specialist software can be well worth the investment.

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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