Why social media is like going to the Gym

Social media marketing is a lot like fitness training. I am convinced that having the same kind of mindset when carrying out your social media activity as you do when going to the gym, will bring you success. Don’t believe me?

Here are a few thoughts…

“You seem to put in lots of effort initially for little perceived benefit”
The first few weeks of a new training regime can seem like a lot of effort and you can become disheartened due to a lack of results. This is the time most people will switch off. Look at the number of people who start going to the gym in January and who have stopped by March. The same can be said for social media marketing. It is not a quick win activity, you may have to do several months worth of work before it starts to convert into profit. Having a realistic timeframe and goal will help you realise that this is not a magic bullet and you will need to put the effort in.

“Being consistent gives the best results”
Going to the gym once every three months is not a good plan to achieve the results you want. In the same way, dipping in and out of your social media activity is not going to yield results. Whilst not sexy, constant, sustained activity is the key to results. Set yourself a schedule, create a task list and try to stick as close to it as possible. Like training, it will become easier after a while and you then look to add more and make it work much harder for you.

“Having a plan and realistic goals helps with results”
Just turning up to the gym and jumping on a piece of equipment that takes your fancy is not a good way to get results. Having a predetermined plan before you set foot in a gym is best way to get results, and likewise, planning your social media activity is the only real way to make sure you are going to achieve your preset goals.

Hopefully this tongue-in-cheek comparison will give you some idea of what you need to put in place to make your social media marketing a success in 2018.

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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