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What’s Happening in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is constantly changing. That change can refer to completely new ways of doing things, like the rise of augmented reality (AR), or it can refer to approaching existing practices from a new perspective. Both types of changes show how digital marketing trends evolve in response to the opportunities as well as the demands […]

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The need for speed – website speed

One thing that gets overlooked with digital marketing is the actual speed of your website. But what does that mean? What that means in layman’s terms is how quickly your website loads a full page when accessed from a browser, be that a desktop or mobile device. Why is this important? It is becoming more […]

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Online Local Business Services for Insurance Brokers

Google allows you to list your business directly in their small business directory for free. This means that if a user searches for a local business in Google, you will tend to see a map appear first with up to 10 businesses on it. Having listings in the business centre means your business could […]

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Using Google Adwords to help you at renewal time

During renewal time, if you are simply sending out letters to your clients with a renewal quote, and hoping to get a reply, you might be missing a few opportunities to remind them you provided their insurance 12 months ago. We are not advocating you stopping sending renewal letters or emails, but if your renewal […]

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A brief look at social media marketing and compliance

Social media can be a highly effective way to market online. It provides businesses in many industries with a good way to build relationships, increase trust, and win more business. But if you operate in the financial industry, there is something you will need to consider carefully: compliance. Essentially, you have to be careful about […]

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