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Using software to help manage social media

If you have set up a number of social media channels, now you will start to find it difficult to be consistent and engaging across more than one platform without a little help.  We have found: that some companies tend to either stick with one platform only – missing out on access to potential customers […]

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Is your site ready for traffic?

You may have had your company website for a while and it has been neglected or maybe you have just launched your first company website. Whatever your position, and before you go and spend lots of money on a marketing campaign – you need to ensure that your website is working as it should do. […]

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Finding content ideas

Two things that brokers appear to struggle with is: updating their website content; finding stuff to write about. one is related to the other.  Here are some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing and get a wide range of article ideas and sources together. Finding stuff to write about Search engines and social […]

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What’s Happening in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is constantly changing. That change can refer to completely new ways of doing things, like the rise of augmented reality (AR), or it can refer to approaching existing practices from a new perspective. Both types of changes show how digital marketing trends evolve in response to the opportunities as well as the demands […]

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The need for speed – website speed

One thing that gets overlooked with digital marketing is the actual speed of your website. But what does that mean? What that means in layman’s terms is how quickly your website loads a full page when accessed from a browser, be that a desktop or mobile device. Why is this important? It is becoming more […]

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