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Ideas for insurance bloggers

If you run an insurance website, you may publish regular blogs. This is a good idea not just to connect with your visitors and increase user engagement, but also for SEO purposes. However, one of the biggest problems with blogs is thinking of ideas to write about. Here are some ideas that you may want […]

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Analyse this… and this… and that…

Generating traffic to your insurance website is one thing, but knowing what visitors do when they arrive is another. If you want to improve your online marketing and make tactical changes to your website to generate more business, it is important to use a tool like Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is […]

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Are you educating your visitors or simply trying to sell to them?

The Internet has been a great way of consumers to be empowered as they can research and educate themselves about the products and services they require.   Even before they have reached your website, they could have visited several others looking for the answers to a particular question. So my question to you is – can […]

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What are autoresponders and how they can grow your revenues

Autoresponders allow you to automatically send a reply to a customer on completion of a form or the sending of an email to a given email address.  You might have come across out of office responders.  Well this is the same thing. But the beauty is, autoresponders can become a very powerful tool to convert […]

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Marketing in just 20 minutes a day

Not having the time to attract new clients or business is an easy excuse as we can all “find” other things to be doing (from chasing invoices to looking at the football scores).  Somehow marketing may not seem tangible enough to warrant time on your “To do” list. Paradoxically, one thing we all answer when […]

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