Marketing in just 20 minutes a day

Not having the time to attract new clients or business is an easy excuse as we can all “find” other things to be doing (from chasing invoices to looking at the football scores).  Somehow marketing may not seem tangible enough to warrant time on your “To do” list.

Paradoxically, one thing we all answer when asked is “Yes, we would love more customers”. Well, here’s a newsflash – if you are not actively marketing, they will not be coming anytime soon.

Just 20 minutes a day

Rather than suggesting you need to block out a day a week to market your business, let’s take baby steps:

  • how about just 20 minutes a day, which could achieved either by coming in a bit earlier or leaving a bit later, or managing your time a bit better?
  • why not block out a 20 minute “meeting” everyday where you are not to be disturbed?
  • if you are able, why not delegate some other activity to give you more time?

Marketing Materials

Once we have our 20 minute timeframe, what do we do?  It may seem overwhelming to begin with – but like we said, let’s take some baby steps.  In the first week, let’s look at your current, if any, marketing materials you have.  This could include posters, flyers, brochures, a website, social media accounts or anything else you have “out there”.

Is it still relevant? Is it still accurate? Are you making the most of it? Do they have links to your website, email address, links to any social media accounts you are running?

Give it a good look over….


The first thing to do when looking at your website is make sure any forms to our online quotation services work! You would be amazed at the number of sites than don’t get looked at for a while and things change.  Maybe you have out of date links.  Don’t assume your website designer will do this for you!

Social Media

If you have social media accounts for your business, you can manage all of them in 20 minutes a day. In fact, I know some people that manage them in 20 minutes a week.  Again, make sure your profiles are up to date – do they link to your website? Do you have the right telephone number displayed? Etc. You will be amazed how this can get overlooked.

Make sure you check any new connection requests, reply to any questions or comments, and post something useful on each site once or twice a week.  Over time, as you figure out which social media activity floats your boat, concentrate more on that one.

Learn Learn Learn

Some days it might be you just need to learn something new.  Take that time to read or digest something new that you can use in your business to attract more clients.  Being biased I would say make sure you read and come back to see this site frequently!

Do take advantage of any marketing seminars and courses offered by your local chamber or networking group.  You never know what you can pick up from a free taster session.  Also speak to other companies and brokers or look at what they are doing online, try and apply (not rip off) what they are doing. Look outside your industry.  Looking for local business – look at what estate agents, takeaways or beauty salons do…

Hopefully you have just spent your first 20 minutes reading this and taking notes!

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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