B2B marketing ideas for commercial insurance products

If you run an insurance business, marketing is often an essential activity. Different marketing techniques work for different businesses, but here are a few that you may want to consider trying for your commercial insurance products.

Make better use of LinkedIn

Social media in general is not often considered ideal for getting B2B marketing leads. However, LinkedIn is the exception.

There are a number of ways to use LinkedIn to your advantage. Rather than simply setting up a profile because you feel you should and then forgetting about it, get active on the site to generate more leads.

Start with your company page. Rather than simply writing a boring description of your company containing the basic facts and information, use it as an opportunity to encourage readers to visit your website. This involves using an attention-grabbing image, inspiring copy and a call to action.

Use the company description to create a pitch. Avoid writing a boring, dry description, and instead focus on identifying your target audience and providing benefits.

As well as working on your profile, you can actively seek out customers on LinkedIn. Use Advanced Search to filter your potential customers, and use the Saved Searches to quickly search for new targets on a regular basis.

You can also search the Groups to find active and relevant groups that you can then join in with by providing content and answering questions.

Reach out to industry blogs

Getting featured in industry blogs can be another excellent way to get your business in front of your target customers.

Firstly, you will need to find out which blogs they read. Follow some of the major blogs in your industry and spend some time looking through the comments to find out the type of audience each blog has.

Once you find one that is a good fit, reach out to the blog and offer a guest post if they offer them. If they do not allow guest posts, you may be able to write a sponsored blog for payment, or you may be able to advertise on the blog.

Get to the top of the search engines

Customers use the search engines to find all types of products these days, and the same is true for commercial insurance products. If you are at the top of the search engines, not only will you be found easier but you will also be trusted more by potential customers because the level of trust is higher for those brands that rank highly.

There are countless ways to improve your SEO, but perhaps the best option is to hire a specialist firm that can improve and maintain your rankings over time.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is another option that can prove effective because it can also help to get you to the top of the search rankings. There is a cost involved, but you only pay for clicks to your website, making it a good potential way to gain leads.

Use your content to help businesses

However your target customers find your insurance website, you want them to think of you as an expert when they read over your content.

You should therefore provide them with detailed blogs, guides, web pages, and other information related to your insurance products. You could provide a downloadable guide or white paper that they can read and share freely, and this can help to enhance your reputation and win more business.

Increase your online presence

The more active you are online, the more chance you have of being found by your target customers. If a company reads your blog and finds it interesting, then finds you featured on a top industry blog and then comes across an active LinkedIn profile where you regularly contribute to groups, they are more likely to want to do business with you.

Successful marketing often involves a combination of techniques, so try out these ideas and see if you can boost your marketing success.

About the Author Jason Hulott

Jason Hulott is Business Development Director at Digital Marketing Specialists, Speedie Consultants. He is Google Partner certified. His role is to identify and implement traffic generating and revenue increasing ideas for our client base.

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