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How to track traffic and leads from introducers without the need for expensive software

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness, traffic and sales, is to work with other sites that will promote your products and services to their client base in return for a commission.  This is partner marketing. This could be achieved on a Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Sale or Cost Per Click basis.  […]

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Managing Your Digital Enquiries

How are you managing your leads and enquiries?   Do you have a system-based or a paper-based process for managing all the enquiries that come into your business? If not, hopefully this article will go some way to show you the benefits of having something in place.   A customer or contact management system (CRM) is a […]

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LinkedIn B2B Insurance Marketing

LinkedIn is more than an online CV, if you work in any line of B2B activities – you need to be all over LinkedIn like a bad rash! LinkedIn B2B insurance marketing provides companies with practically a limitless number of lead opportunities  – especially those with niche business insurance schemes. But where do you start? […]

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Getting your phone to ring using the web

When you think of online marketing, you tend to focus on generating clicks to your website. The amount of traffic is a key factor in your success online, but the most important factor is conversions. If conversions for your insurance business means getting your targets to call you, you will not be worried about getting […]

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3 top lead generation ideas for your insurance business

Lead generation is essential for online businesses, especially in the competitive insurance industry. Your aim is to get as many targeted leads as possible, and this may involve getting people to sign up to your email list. So how do you go about generating leads? There are many techniques you could use, and here are […]

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