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Ideas for insurance bloggers

If you run an insurance website, you may publish regular blogs. This is a good idea not just to connect with your visitors and increase user engagement, but also for SEO purposes. However, one of the biggest problems with blogs is thinking of ideas to write about. Here are some ideas that you may want […]

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Analyse this… and this… and that…

Generating traffic to your insurance website is one thing, but knowing what visitors do when they arrive is another. If you want to improve your online marketing and make tactical changes to your website to generate more business, it is important to use a tool like Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is […]

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Social media management software – much more than auto-posting

With the growing need to focus on social media, and the increasing number of networks available to have a presence on, it is becoming more important than ever to carefully manage your activity to save time and improve efficiency. That’s why you should consider using social media management software. If you have a profile on […]

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Social proof – what is it and how can I use it?

In essence, social proof is providing users with other people views and opinions on your products.  In the old days, we used to call this sharing testimonials, but we now what many more ways of interacting, collecting and displaying customer feedback. Providing your potential customers with the feedback from previous and existing customers is a […]

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Is your marketing like a gym membership?

Do you subscribe to the latest marketing techniques and groups? Do you always jump from one technique to another regularly? Are you seeing results? It dawned on me that getting results from a marketing programme can be the same as getting results from a fitness programme. If you are not doing the basics, and are […]

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